2024-06-19 10:31 Wednesday
Hotcoin to Launch Ai Mobile Network (AIMN) Trading on June 19 at 16:00

According to the official Hotcoin announcement, AIMN/USDT trading will open on June 19, 2024, at 16:00 (UTC+8). Deposits and withdrawals for AIMN will be available starting from June 19, 2024, at 12:00 (UTC+8).
Ai Mobile Network (AIMN) is a cross-chain financial protocol dynamically managed by AI and based on AI data infrastructure. It introduces the financial complexity of AI-managed funds into DeFi by deploying AI-driven technology modules for cross-chain underlying financial protocols.

2024-06-05 16:19 Wednesday
Hotcoin to Launch Ai Save (AISAVE) Trading on June 7 at 15:00

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, AISAVE/USDT trading will open on June 7, 2024, at 15:00 (UTC+8). Deposit and withdrawal services for AISAVE will be available starting at 16:00 on the same day.
Ai Save is a distributed intelligent computing network developed by a Silicon Valley technical team. Currently, 1,517 NVIDIA GPU servers have been deployed globally. By deploying 10,000 NVIDIA GPU servers, Ai Save provides computing power leasing and technical support to AI companies worldwide. The intelligent computing network of Ai Save offers efficient and economical digital energy services. By solving the bottleneck of AI computing power supply through a distributed intelligent computing network, it injects new momentum into the global development of AI.

2024-05-30 20:49 Thursday
Hotcoin Will Launch Wire8 Coin (W8) Trading at 13:00 on June 5

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, the W8/USDT trading service will be available at 13:00 (UTC+8) on June 5, 2024, and the deposit and withdrawal service for W8 will be available at 09:00 (UTC+8) on June 3, 2024.
Wire8 Coin is a pioneer in the next-generation crypto cross-border payment commercial network, aiming to address inefficiencies in the international payment system dominated by traditional banks and financial institutions.

2024-05-28 16:18 Tuesday
Hotcoin will list Red Devil Knight (HF) for trading on May 29 at 12:00

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, they will open HF/USDT trading at 12:00 (UTC+8) on May 29, 2024, and HF deposits and withdrawals at 11:00 on May 29, 2024.
Red Devil Knight is a blockchain-driven sports platform powered by artificial intelligence. It offers sports event consultation, data analysis, investment services, and secure trading through its one-stop service platform.

2024-05-24 14:24 Friday
Hotcoin to Launch SOAI (SOAI) Trading on May 26 at 13:14

According to the official Hotcoin announcement, SOAI/USDT trading will be available from 13:14 on May 26, 2024 (UTC+8). Deposits and withdrawals for SOAI will open on May 25 at 13:14.
SOAI is a Layer 2 scaling solution based on SOL Rollup technology. By leveraging the communication capabilities between Layer 1 and Layer 2, it allows for trustless transfer of any form of SOL assets between the two layers. While SOAI transactions are still settled on SOL, SOAI only submits the original transaction data to SOL, resulting in significantly lower gas fees compared to the mainnet. The contracts are fully compatible and have no gas limits. SOAI’s scaling solution suite offers faster speeds, significantly reduced costs, and the same level of security as SOL.

2024-05-21 12:11 Tuesday
Hotcoin to Launch AIBlock (AIB) Trading on May 23 at 17:00

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, AIB/USDT trading will be available starting at 17:00 (UTC+8) on May 23, 2024. The deposit and withdrawal services for AIB will open on May 22, 2024, at 12:00 (UTC+8).
AIBlock is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that provides comprehensive AI solutions for the blockchain ecosystem. By simply staking AIB tokens, users can enjoy various advanced AI services, including chatbots, smart contract automatic audits, NFT art creation, and automated trading.

2024-05-20 10:40 Monday
Hotcoin will Launch Mammoth (MANY) Trading on May 20 at 17:00

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, the MANY/USDT trading service will open at 17:00 (UTC+8) on May 20, 2024. The deposit and withdrawal services for MANY will open at 16:30 on the same day.
Mammoth is an L3 network and AI project incubator that provides ReStake services for Port3 Network. MANY is the utility token of Mammoth DAO, generated through Glacier Mystery Box staking. With $MANY, holders will be able to enjoy various rights within Mammoth's SocialFi, GameFi, and subsequent ReStake sections.

2024-05-13 21:11 Monday
LayerUP: Leading Ethereum's Scaling Revolution

Currently, the Ethereum network faces a severe scaling predicament, with transaction congestion and high fees tormenting developers and users. LayerUP, however, may bring a revolutionary solution to this intractable problem. It innovatively proposes the "layer computing" model, which offloads most computations to off-chain environments to reduce main chain load, fundamentally addressing the scaling issue. This can not only dramatically increase throughput but also greatly save user costs, bringing a new experience to high-frequency application scenarios. More importantly, LayerUP preserves Ethereum's decentralized nature with minimized trust assumptions, representing an advanced technical solution that balances scalability and security.

2024-05-09 10:23 Thursday
Hotcoin will launch HYD (HYD) trading on May 9th at 22:00

According to an official announcement, Hotcoin will launch HYD (HYD) trading on May 9th at 22:00 (UTC+8),. Additionally, HYD deposits and withdrawals will be open starting at 12:00 on the same day.
HYD, as an open financial protocol application, enables financial data application enterprises to have the most flexible deployment on the platform. Technologically, it relies on P2P protocol architecture to achieve distributed ledger structure, differentiated storage of massive data, and the construction of a DeFi distributed financial system. HYD is committed to building a robust cross-chain financial technology service ecosystem.

2024-05-07 21:51 Tuesday
Hotcoin will launch trading for BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN) on May 8th at 18:00

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, trading for BCCOIN/USDT will be available starting from May 8th, 2024, at 18:00 (UTC+8), with deposits and withdrawals for BCCOIN opening at 17:00 on the same day.
BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN) is an innovative cryptocurrency project aimed at seamlessly integrating the advantages of blockchain technology into everyday financial transactions. At the core of this project is the BlackCard, a cryptocurrency-driven debit card that allows holders to use cryptocurrencies in online and physical stores worldwide, similar to fiat currencies.

2024-05-05 13:53 Sunday
Hotcoin will list Burnedfi (BURN) trading at 20:00 on May 6th.

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, it will open BURN/USDT trading at 20:00 (UTC+8) on May 6, 2024, and BURN deposit and withdrawal services at 12:00 on May 6.
Burnedfi is a fair burning movement, returning to the most fundamental decentralization of blockchain organizations. Don't be sad; everyone has a chance! Burn is the ultimate deflationary meme token used for: Automatic burning technology: $BurnedFi possesses automatic burning technology, which can burn supply from the liquidity pool every hour without taxation. Buy and sell tax: 1% (burning incentive). Users can burn $BurnedFi to mint $BurnedBuild.

2024-04-19 14:52 Friday
BEBE: Bridging the Gap Between Reality and Virtuality

With the advent of the digital age, BEBE cleverly connects the real and virtual worlds, becoming a bridge between the two. Its open, inclusive, and innovative metaverse provides users with a brand-new digital experience, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the trends of the digital age and explore their own digital future.
As an open platform, BEBE offers users a diverse range of experiences and activities. Whether participating in creation, investment, artistic creation, or gaming, everyone can find their place in BEBE. Its openness and diversity attract global users, making BEBE a vibrant and creative digital world.
In BEBE's world, users can unleash their imagination and creativity, creating their own digital works and experiences. Whether communicating with global users, exploring unknown fields, or participating in innovative projects, BEBE provides users with a broad stage to express themselves and realize their value.

2024-03-03 19:46 Sunday
ALLspark core inscription ASK transaction frequency breaks through every minute/time

ALLspark core inscription ASK started trading at 14:00 on March 3, 2024 (UTC+8). The initial transaction value was 0.0000675USDT. The value stabilized to 0.000675USDT on that day, and the transaction frequency exceeded every minute/time. ASK represents a new track for Inscription to combine smart contracts and GameFI applications, and it will also mean that the Inscription 2.0 era is coming.

2024-02-01 16:04 Thursday
Hotcoin Will Launch XRPP(XRPP) Trading at 15:00(GMT+8) on Feb.5th

According to the official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of XRPP/USDT currency pair at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.5th,2024.The deposits of XRPP will be available at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.4th,2024. And withdrawals of XRPP will be enabled at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.6th,2024. 
XRPP is an innovative banking technology solution protocol public blockchain focused on the cryptocurrency field.XRPP improves global feasibility and fairness by creating an inclusive, streamlined and sustainable financial system. XRPP continues to improve itself within the existing financial system, simplifying its underlying infrastructure and enabling convenient and efficient management mechanisms through shared governance with its users. XRPP also works with national regulators, governments and banks to ensure that the XRPP ecosystem is not only healthy and stable, but also safe and compliant.

2024-01-30 15:16 Tuesday
Hotcoin Will Launch OORT(OORT) Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Feb.1st

According to the official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of OORT/USDT currency pair at 20:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.1st,2024.The deposits & withdrawals of OORT will be available at 18:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.1st,2024.
OORT is a decentralized cloud designed for data privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, we provide AI solutions to enhance business operations. By 2023, OORT has established one of the world's largest decentralized cloud infrastructure covering over 100+ counties and generated multi-million dollar revenues.

2024-01-20 16:41 Saturday
Hotcoin will launch GOLDEN CHAIN(GSOC)trading at 20:00 (GMT+8) on January 21th

Hotcoin will soon be listing GSOC/USDT currency pair, the specific details are listed as following:
Trading Starts:
Deposits Withdrawals:
GSOC (GSOC is issued as collateral with trading assets, opening up a new field for RWA) to create Web3 financial infrastructure GOLDEN CHAIN, and create the world's largest decentralized financial aggregation platform through technology iteration, value empowerment, and ecological development.

2024-01-15 11:45 Monday
Hotcoin will launch Etntpow (ETNT) trading at 13:00 (GMT+8) on January 15th

Hotcoin will soon be listing ETNT/USDT currency pair, the specific details are listed as following:
Trading Starts:
Deposit Starts:
13:00(GMT+8), Jan.14th,2024
Withdrawal Starts:
13:00(GMT+8), Jan.16th,2024
ETNT is a type of hard fork token of Ethereum, which was developed based on the PoW consensus mechanism of Ethereum network. ETNT retains the core principles of Ethereum, including the decentralization, transparency and security. It’s providing a more efficient and fair mining mechanism through the introduction of advanced mining algorithms, allowing existing graphics card devices to sustain the PoW mining. ETNT is committed to driving further optimization of the Ethereum ecosystem and providing sustainable participation opportunities for the global mining community.

2023-12-08 10:51 Friday
The Tricolor Foundation will open TC trading on December 9, 2023 at 20:00

BlockBeats news: On December 8th, Tricolor, a privacy focused Layer1 protocol, announced that TC will be officially launched on December 9th, 2023. Tricolor is a large-scale on chain mechanism experiment that can sustainably provide funding for public goods, especially those that are frequently underproduced or underfunded.
If there were no research and development of encryption primitives, including zero knowledge proofs, tools, learning resources, and other contributions from communities funded by Zcash, Rust, ZKP, interchain, and public goods, Tricolor would not exist.
Tricolor will be officially launched for trading on December 9, 2023 at 20:00. Participants can submit Tricolor transactions through pancakeswap and AVE. Tricolor adopts a fully circulating token issuance method, which transfers all issued TCs to the bottom pool and locks the pool for three years. Among them, 1% of the transaction slip points are destroyed, 1% LP dividends are distributed, and 3% of the ecological operation wallet is used.

2023-11-25 13:00 Saturday
ORIGIN Emerges from DeFi 2.0 Dilemma

The current state of DeFi is a profound irony. Although born out of the desire to de-dollarize, DeFi is highly dependent on stablecoins pegged to the US dollar, with nearly $ 100 billion in USDT, USDC, and DAI in circulation. While these assets are more stable than Bitcoin or Ethereum, they reintroduce the dependencies and risks of fiat systems that we are trying to leave behind, such as inflation and centralized, unaccountable monetary policy.
First of all, the first project that tried to solve this problem was Olympus DAO. Launched in March 2021, the protocol aims to design a stable asset pegged to the US dollar. It is a well-known project because it has a highly high APY and (3,3) has profiles all over social media networks.
OlympusDAO is a project that aims to offer what the project calls a "decentralized reserve currency" OHM token on its website. OlympusDAO sells its tokens at a discount in exchange for tokens such as DAI and liquidity provider (LP) tokens, including OHM. So, for example, users can exchange their OHM-DAI LP tokens, representing a liquidity position on the decentralized exchange Sushiswap for OHM. Olympus calls this mechanism a bond because the discount is paid within five days. This system allows Olympus to own its liquidity, which differs significantly from projects that watch liquidity disappear as rewards are exhausted.
Olympus also has an innovative mechanism - the staking feature, which pays users additional OHM tokens in exchange for locking the tokens. It offsets the selling pressure from users' ability to obtain OHM at a discount on the bond. Staking is active – over 90% of OHM is currently staked, according to the project's main dashboard.
However, this does not prove that the entire business logic of the project is impeccable. In November 2021, OlympusDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides a stable currency called OHM, experienced a bank run, causing the price of OHM to plummet by more than 90% in just a few hours. The bank run was caused by a complex combination of factors, including concerns about the sustainability of OHM's economic model, a lack of transparency in the DAO's decision-making process, and a perceived lack of responsiveness to community feedback. The bank run exposed flaws in the DAO's governance and decision-making processes and the risks associated with investing in decentralized finance protocols.
"Innovating DeFi 2.0" is the theme of ORIGIN. ORIGIN is an upgraded version of the DeFi 3.0 protocol based on the algorithmic non-stable currency LGNS, creating a new privacy-anonymous stable currency A, aiming to establish a global financial benchmark and guide future financial development. Achieve stable and predictable currency issuance through advanced algorithmic technology, reducing reliance on traditional monetary policy and central banks. ORIGIN allows individuals to issue stablecoins through decentralized reserve contracts, breaking the issuance monopoly of traditional banks and central banks and providing greater financial freedom. In addition, ORIGIN proposed the world's first private and anonymous stablecoin cross-chain interaction protocol, which strengthens the privacy protection of transaction data. The ecological layout of the project includes three stages, and each stage brings innovation in the financial field. ORIGIN's core contribution is to promote innovation in algorithmic non-stable coins, subvert traditional currency issuance methods, emphasize privacy protection, and promote decentralization and inclusivity in the financial field. The project combines financial institutions with digital currency technology and innovation, providing more possibilities for the future of the financial sector. Create an accessible, democratic, inclusive, and independent Ordin world with a new set of innovative financial systems.

After analyzing the risks and economic model flaws of Olympus and similar DeFi 2.0 projects, we have further improved the design of ORIGIN’s overall economic model. ORIGIN intensely studied the problems caused by the DeFi, as mentioned earlier 2.0 projects, and learned the following lessons:
1. Governance and decision-making processes should be transparent and responsive to community feedback.
2. Risk management and contingency plans should be in place to deal with potential crises.
3. Decentralized financial protocols are inherently risky, and investors should know the possibility of volatility and sudden price changes.
4. Community participation is crucial to the success of DAO, and community members should have a say in the decision-making process.
5. The DAO can recover fr

2023-11-23 15:29 Thursday
Hotcoin Will Launch Retail Alliance(RALC) Trading at 14:13(GMT+8) on Nov.25th

According to the Hotcoin official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of RALC/USDT currency pair at 14:13(GMT+8) on Nov.25th,2023. The deposits & withdrawals of RALC will be available at 14:30 (GMT+8) on Nov.25th,2023.
Retail Alliance-We are all unknown members in the industry, we don't represent any organizations or professional players, we are just ordinary retail investors in this industry. At present, the whole industry is filled with a large number of over-packaged or exaggerated brand designed institutions and image-designed KOLs, retail investors should unite and declare the return of grassroots and wildness, showing the most original blockchain spirit.

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