SolaRoad & AI Leader Competition Launch Event Marks a Successful Start in Macau

On May 15th, the AiOcean Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Developer Summit and SolaRoad & AI Navigator Competition Kick-off Meeting was successfully held in Macau. AI industry experts, investors, and digital enthusiasts from around the world gathered together to explore the development trend of the global AI field. The summit aims to discuss the application and prospects of AI technology in the digital world in the era of the digital economy.

The atmosphere at the summit was warm, and many exciting speeches and presentations were given. The meeting began with a warm-up video and a countdown video, creating a futuristic atmosphere for everyone. Then, a spectacular light show and AI electric dance injected more visual effects into the summit.
The entrance ceremony of the host and guests was very grand, and the broadcast in three languages, Chinese, English, and Cantonese, gave participants around the world a sense of the internationalization of the SolaDigital Foundation. SolaRoad CEO Edword introduced the development process and future plans of the SolaDigital Foundation in his speech. Subsequently, SolaRoad COO John explained the application and future prospects of the Sola supercomputing protocol, which aroused widespread attention from the audience.
Another authoritative expert's speech at the meeting also attracted great attention from the participants. Professor Wang Xuezong explained in simple terms the significance of the underlying network of AI computing power in the era of the digital economy, which caused widespread resonance among the audience. In addition, SolaRoad CEO Edword's keynote speech pushed the atmosphere of the entire summit to a climax and pointed the way for the development of the digital economy in the future.

The video about the public chain and the speech by public chain expert Steven played during the break time helped the audience gain a deeper understanding of the construction of the supercomputing underlying network in the digital economy era. The NFT video presented also caught the audience's attention, and they became interested in the application of digital assets.
Next, SolaDigital Foundation COO John explained the Sola supercomputing protocol and its significance and application in the digital economy era. This aroused strong interest from the audience, and everyone raised questions and had discussions.

Subsequently, the authoritative expert Wang Xuezong gave an excellent speech, elaborating on the significance of the underlying network of Internet computing power in the era of the digital economy, which triggered enthusiastic applause from the audience.
At the launch ceremony of the Digital Navigator Competition, Kevin, the Vice President of SolaDigital Foundation Taiwan, announced the event schedule and introduced the purpose and rules of the competition to all the guests. The on-site guests and members worked together to contribute to the development of the digital economy era.

The guest dinner in the evening was one of the highlights of the conference. The SolaDigital Foundation awarded the S7 medal of honor to 12 community nodes worldwide and invited community representatives to share their experiences and insights. At the same time, the wonderful performances by singers and dancers added more joy and warmth to the dinner.
Finally, the SolaRoad development review video let everyone understand the development process of SolaRoad in the past period.
The conference not only elaborated on the significance of the era of the digital economy but also showcased the important role played by SolaRoad in the era of the digital economy. Through guest speeches, wise sharing, and interactive exchanges, everyone gained a deeper understanding of the background and trends of the digital economy era and discussed the role of SolaRoad in the era of the digital economy.

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