CosmosAI Drives the Commercial Implementation of Global Distributed Supercomputing Network

According to authoritative British media, the EU Digital Supercomputing New Era Strategic Collaboration signing ceremony, hosted by distributed supercomputing network service provider CosmosAI, is set to take place at the historic Lefort's OWO Hotel in London on August 14th. This hotel is renowned for hosting the coronation ceremony of King Edward VII and serving as Churchill's office during World War II.

For this event, Gomez Addams, co-founder of the CosmosAI Foundation, Tamara Novak, director of the UK investment division of the globally renowned financial institution Infinite Money Fund, and Tyler Galpin, CTO of the UK's Nnternet Research Lab, are all scheduled to attend this strategic collaboration signing.

Notably, prominent media and journalists from the likes of British national broadcaster CNN, the British National Communications Agency, and Reuters, as well as representatives from several esteemed financial institutions in London, will also be present at the press conference.
At this signing kickoff, CosmosAI DAO will experience a revolutionary moment in history. It will establish a global business application strategic collaboration agreement with Infinite Money Fund and Nnternet Research Lab. The Infinite Money Fund will take responsibility for leasing the computing power of all the nodes in the CosmosAI supercomputing network and manage the distribution of profits. Concurrently, Nnternet Research Lab will provide top-notch global computing power technology and network infrastructure services for the holistic application and upgrade of CosmosAI's distributed supercomputing network. This tripartite collaboration aims to profoundly influence and boost the rapid development of the global digital economy and the AI era's infrastructure.

As a public, fair, and just decentralized DAO organization, CosmosAI plans to create an HPCS high-performance distributed smart computing network distinct from traditional centralized computing and cloud computing networks. The goal is to develop a bigger, cheaper, and more efficient AI computation chain network and distributed dispatch network, transforming it into the world's largest AI smart computing cluster resource pool. For years, they have been dedicated to the establishment of the global distributed supercomputing application platform and digital marketing model innovation. This global distributed supercomputing leasing program represents the first step in converting distributed computing power to commercialized profits. It's a monumental effort and trial to bring computing power to commercial applications and cater to smaller computing power users, aside from global computing power giants like NVIDIA, Japan's Fugaku, and LUMI.
The partnering Nnternet Research Lab, funded by a private family foundation, was established by a group of scientists and Ph.D.s from Silicon Valley and Crypto Valley, with years of focus on future computing power network research. Insiders reveal that this collaboration aims to provide CosmosAI supercomputing network with top global IDC data center branding, technology, and supply chain advantages. This includes integration solutions combining the best of global hardware suppliers and software resource layers, fostering comprehensive collaborations in various AI and computing power technologies. The Infinite Money Fund, with operational centers in Switzerland and London and managed by Cayman's Pegasus Ltd, is a well-reputed investment fund. They will handle all matters related to leasing the computing power of CosmosAI's supercomputing network nodes and profit distribution, ensuring the commercialization and profit management of the distributed computing power network. More details on the leasing collaboration will be disclosed at the launch event.

On August 14th, after years of intensive work in AI infrastructure and digital business model innovation, CosmosAI will take a significant leap. We'll jointly witness the merging of global AI and the digital economy, inspiring new methods and insights for the AI age. Positioned at the cusp of this new era and catering to cutting-edge trends, we aim to collectively propel the advancement of digital civilization. Stay tuned, and keep an eye on our updates.
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