A New Realm of Digital Wealth: Squid Match Partners with FlowUP, Offering Unique Privileges in the Arena of Digital Athletics

Squid Match: The Future Summit of Digital Sports

A new champion emerges in the realm of digital sports as 'Squid Match,' jointly crafted by FlowUp, Sonnori Game Studio, GameLabs Laboratory, DevCat Game Publisher, and Flow, is set to sweep across the globe!


The Grand Entrance of Digital Sports

After two years of silence, 'Squid Match' announces the dawn of a new era in digital sports with a spectacular debut. Crafted by the dedicated team at Sonnori Game Studio in South Korea, backed by the robust support of FlowUp's digital asset platform, and in close collaboration with GameLabs Laboratory and DevCat Game Publisher, this digital extravaganza is destined to become a new highlight in the history of esports.


Perfect Replication of 'Squid Game' Scenes

'Squid Match' is not just a digital sports competition; it is a whole new adventure. With the perfect replication of scenes from the 'Squid Game,' the game's production has reached an astounding level. Every frame is a pinnacle of gaming art, immersing players in the charm of the digital world.


A New Realm of Digital Wealth

Squid Match is more than a game; it is a source of digital wealth. Players holding FlowUP runes will enjoy unique privileges, becoming esteemed patrons of digital sports. A myriad of benefits is at their fingertips, bringing a new gaming experience to players.


A Fresh Interpretation of Digital Entertainment

As part of the Flow GameFi ecosystem, Squid Match is not just a competition but a fresh interpretation of digital entertainment. Built on the strength of the GameFi public chain, the game will become a landmark in the digital entertainment field, providing players with a more liberated and innovative gaming experience.



Joint Efforts of Five Major Institutions

Squid Match is a collaborative effort of Flow, FlowUP, GameLabs, Sonnori, and DevCat, bringing unprecedented creativity and power to digital sports. This digital extravaganza will redefine the future of the gaming industry, becoming a new benchmark in digital entertainment.


A new era of digital sports is about to begin. Stay tuned for the stunning debut of Squid Match!


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